As with any surgical procedure, surgeon and operating room staff training is a necessary and critical requirement. Orbit Biomedical has developed a comprehensive, multi-step training process for surgeons and clinical site staff where we take the learner through a series of training modalities during the learning process. This process was used to train all of the surgeons who participated in a multi-center clinical trial studying our technology in patients with AMD

Efficient multi-modal training process

Our training modalities include eLearning, didactic learning sessions, and hands-on skills development labs at state-of-the-art training facilities. We partner with world-renowned, expert ophthalmic surgeons who serve as faculty for all content development and skills development hands-on training.

Monitoring and evaluation

We closely monitor and evaluate our training and clinical procedures for factors such as surgeon proficiency, procedure efficiency, placement and location of therapeutic delivery, and anatomic variations affecting delivery.

Using the Clinical Expert Remote Observation (CERO™) system, we are able to provide real-time remote observation of training and clinical procedures. Via this platform we can facilitate real-time, peer-to-peer training between the learner and the remote faculty, incorporate live faculty surgeon oversight, and conduct secure video capture and archival of each procedure.